From it's inception, Radio Luv was birthed from life-love, and career-love. 

Radio was the chosen career, and Love was in the heart of it's founder: Savvy Schmidt. 

After hard times hit after her decade-long stint working in radio and television, Savvy launched Radio Luv, so that she could bring her family closer together, while at the same time, applying her truths that she'd learned in her time spent in the media; that large corporations control a large majority of communications, and thus, it is up to them to decide what gets heard, as well as when, and where. 

Savvy knew that she wanted to bring a fresh, authentic approach to her newly launched company, and that she wanted to open new avenues of broadcasting possibilities to vast populations of people, and sprout new jobs for others in the process. 

Communications had to remain clear, and people's messages; unhindered. 

Through the process of building the Radio Luv Network, Savvy looks with deeply grateful eyes, at the branches of a tree which have sprouted from a little seed she planted back in 2013, and are now blossoming forth, and sprinkling new stars into the galaxy of the worldwide audience. 

Savvy's biggest pride is creating life ... not only with her own children, but breathing life into ideas that manifest into opportunities and new branches which are the amazing talent that comprises the cast and crew who are pivotal in bringing the Radio Luv vision to life. 

Savvy would like to maintain this unique path of intricacy married with a fervor to bring ideas forth, and deliver high-impact, high-quality programs that will undoubtedly burn a swath into the world of broadcasting, forever... touching the hearts of all who listen, watch, and participate... 
and doing it in the style and application that's unique to Radio Luv. 

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