Radio Luv grows

because of you.

When you choose to promote and play your music through Radio Luv, this is put towards growing our numbers, and increasing our outlets so more people can listen.


Expanding our audience... means it is expanding your audience too.

Radio Luv was founded with the notion that big corporations should not control music, nor dictate what most of the world hears.

So we set out to create a formula that would give back to musicians. And when they took a chance to let us play their music for the world, we took that notion, and held it close to our heart. We handle each campaign with care.

You are the lifeblood, and the pulse, and we will never take this for granted. We will instead, take heart.

It is part of this belief that we have also founded the Radio Luv RX campaign. With help of dedicated sponsors, Radio Luv RX is a mission of love... to provide shows and concerts to benefit afflicted citizens, or special causes.


We want to provide a musical cavalry to those who need it most.

You're the blood... igniting the first spark of this endeavor.

Radio Luv is more than a feeling. It's a movement, together.

Let's Rock this!


If you're not a musician on the Radio Luv Network, but would like information on how to join the network,

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