What Happened to Streamlicensing?

For those of you who are not avidly in the broadcast, podcast, and/or radio-streaming fields, you may not have been privvy to the method in which internet radio stations handled their music-licensing needs.


For many,  (including Radio Luv), Streamlicensing was an internet licensing platform, which allowed many web-based radio websites and other platforms, to stream music, while staying legal to their obligations to music-licensing entities like  BMI, SESAC, ASCAP & SOUNDEXCHANGE. 

For many, this was an answer to the heavy-price structure of conventional licensing options, whereupon stations would (and still continue) to pay each licensing entity separately.

Streamlicensing made it more cost-effective by offering stations a bulk-rate, by obtaining a blanket-permit  from the licensing-entities, which would cover all subscribers, and keep their stations legal.

However, on June 14th, Streamlicensing declared (via their website) that they have closed their doors for good, while passing the torch to LIVE365. (Radio Luv has nothing to comment on regarding LIVE365's service for the moment, but we will let you know if we decide to partner with them for our future licensing needs.)

Unfortunately for Radio Luv, we did not receive an official notice, and consequently, this impacted some of our programming recently, and resulted in some delays, shows being not out on time, or not airing altogether.

In the interim, Radio Luv has reverted to another streaming-conduit for our programming. Until we find another stream-licensing entity, we will be airing mostly talk programming, using individually licensed music selections, however, we will be temporarily pulling-off the music-stream until further notice.

We're sorry to hear that it could not work out for Streamlicensing, and wish them well in their future endeavors.

We will try to reach out to them in the near future, to see if they would like to participate in an interview on one of our programs. Stay tuned for updates.

(For more details about their closure, please visit their website at http://www.streamlicensing.com.)

(*Streamlicensing's discontinued services include: licensing, players, and all other services.)

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