Hi, I’m Sabrina Jenkins.


Welcome to my little pocket in the Radio Luv Network!


After a long hiatus, I am finally authorized by my husband, to do a new episode of “Spreading It for Jesus”. What am I spreading? The WORD, of course! Words on how wives can fulfill their husbands to their best Earthly capabilities.


I feel SO blessed to be able to bring this show to the airwaves, and be helping to work on wives’ hearts.


I know that with my show, you’ll learn there’s no place Jesus can’t go… No matter how dark, or hidden away you keep your issues… No matter how stubborn, or obstinate you are… You just have to let Him in. You’ll find that in doing so, suddenly, you’ll be filled by His Love.


Live YOUR best wifely life (and husbands, take note too! Because these are VERY valuable lessons you can pass on to YOUR wife!)


Tune into Spreading it for Jesus, beginning this Sunday on the Radio Luv Network. Below, you'll find my latest episodes.

Thank you for listening! And God Bless You! 

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