Radio Luv’s highlighted musical group for July features Sonic Radiation, and their new song, Infrared.


The group’s founder, Todd Last found inspiration in a quest that began nearly a decade ago, after a crippling accident damaged his spinal cord.


Giving him new inspiration for life, and evolving beyond his injuries, both physically, and intrinsically with the very essence of his being, Todd, threw his soul into developing his music, which was his dream, and the very thing that would bring him back from the shackles of his debilitation.


Todd’s heroic story resonates with listeners, both figuratively, and literally, as the pulsating beats of electronic dance music infuse your ears, mind, and spirit, and emanate through Sonic Radiation.


Radio Luv is excited to follow Todd and his evolution, and witness Sonic Radiation burn a swath of inspiration into the music industry and the world.


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