Why Radio Advertising is Many Times the Best Advertising

October 30, 2014

Radio advertising is not only a great way to reach potential customers, it's also a lot more affordable than you might think! With many options available (from advertising through individual shows to advertising through entire networks), there's usually a package (and a price range) to fit ANY budget!

Even though you may have had limited success with radio advertising in the past, it may have been due to a poor campaign, or someone who did not have your best interest in mind. You need professional radio advertisers who are on YOUR SIDE, who have a passion for radio advertising, and who's reputation stands behind the success of your campaign.


I'm Savvy Schmidt, founder of Ascension Radio Advertising, and RadioLuv.com. I have over a decade in radio, and now, helping you get the BEST, most reasonable advertising is ALL I do!
You need an expert on your side. We'll work directly with your local radio stations, and you will never pay extra! (And you'll know you're getting the BEST deal possible, because we work with multiple stations, nationwide.)

What you have to gain is top-rate customer service, with every attention to your personal and professional needs at the heart and baseline of your campaign.
We'll never make you go over what you're capable of.
We know Rome wasn't built in a day.
(We also know the most successful journeys begin with a single step.)
Call us today. We'll make radio advertising easier and more affordable than you could ever imagine. (And if you don't like what you hear, you don't have to go forward. )

You've got nothing to lose.
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