RADIO LUV is a premiere, 21st century radio network, focusing on diversified programming, top-tier sound engineering, and a growth process which employ a wide-variety of uninhabited broadcast expansion paths.
We pride ourselves on taking a different approach to bringing our programming to air --one which does not overly charge broadcast hopefuls, or exploit the influx of potential podcasters who are contemplating a jump into the newly popular wave of popularity that podcasting is experiencing. 

Tradition meets innovation

Although Radio Luv was founded online, it's founder brought a wealth of real-world radio experience into the company, and today, it utilizes 14 years of radio experience into it's arsenal of regular, day-to-day operations. 
With a real knowledge of how the radio industry works, Radio Luv employs the age-old process of sponsorship & advertising acquisition to fuel it's on-air, terrestrial programming. 
It's online station operates as terrestrial stations do -- with air time slots available to interested broadcasters, musicians, podcasters, advertisers, sponsors, and anyone looking for the best platform by which to carry their message, with the highest sound quality available in the world.

Radio Luv not only operates online, but also with an endeavor to expand onto multiple, terrestrial, AM & FM radio stations, globally. 
To accomplish this, Radio Luv endeavors to use a combination of it's online resources, and outside sponsorship & advertisers to propel the programming forth, into channels not previously-occupied by Radio Luv programming. 
Our online platform at is the zenith point of our programming, and the point at which listeners can hear all programming, as well as discover more about each program, artist, advertiser, and also which other channels you can also pick up their programming in any of our vast array of terrestrial channels, satellite programming, and our future television programming.

The flagship vehicle to carry Radio Luv's programming into terrestrial outlets is Radio Luv Pulse - a weekly program to highlight Radio Luv's original programs, and featured musicians, advertisers, sponsors, and more.  


Upon reaching our goals for 2017 & 2018, Radio Luv has also been drawing up plans to expand into the world of concert productions, with the inception of Radio Luv RX, a concert series whose purpose will be to benefit citizens and communities in need. 
Part of our on-air programming, and terrestrial programming proceeds will go towards growing the initial phases of the Radio Luv RX endeavor, and give us a platform by which to plan each concert, assess the costs and trajectory for each one, and procure additional sponsorships by which to make them a reality.

We take your message and project it into the world in a stunning, auditory display. 


The pulse of this message is the very heart of your dreams. 

The world feels the reverberation of your message, which starts as a ripple which you set forth in the pond, when you take that first step. 



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