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Choose your subscription, and which one of your songs to be aired on the Radio Luv Network.


Upon receipt, you will be contacted with instructions about how to send us an MP3 copy of your song, and what you would like included in your promo (ie: influences, accolades, and where people can find your music).


Once this is received, Radio Luv will begin creating your promo*.
(*Please understand this process may take several days to complete.)


Both your song, as well as your promo will be played on the Radio Luv Worldwide Network for the length of time you have chosen.


Your promo will also available for use in other outlets*.
(*Contact us for details.)


Each one of these subscriptions is a recurring subscription, which you can cancel anytime.
Your subscription helps Radio Luv to grow, and reach a wider audience, as well as supporting the costs associated with maintaining the network.


$15 a week is the basic promotion subscription for musicians, which includes song play, as well as your graphic/logo on the site. (See option to air on AM/FM Radio in menu below.)


($5 will cover a 30 second promo which we will create for you, but does not include song play. The MP3 of your promo will be available for purchase if you would like the copy of it for airing in different outlets.)


As a weekly subscriber, this also gets you entered to win a chance to play on the Radio Luv RX tour, when you subscribe through June, 2017. (Dates will be in Spring/Summer 2017. More details to follow.) At this rate, you will also receive a complimentary MP3 of your music promo.


For $60 we will air your song on 3 Los Angeles radio stations. Your song will air 1 time, however, it will be permanently embedded in archived episodes on Radio Luv, as well as radio station's website. This includes your graphic or logo on Radio Luv website, and 1 month of song play on the Radio Luv Network site.


For $100 we will interview you on the air on 3 Los Angeles Radio stations, air your song (1x). We will also write a custom blog entry and publish it to multiple outlets, and your song will air for one month on the Radio Luv Worldwide Network, as well as your graphic/logo placement.


(More promotional options & packages available. Contact us for details.)


Radio Luv is a project-oriented network. Any costs we receive are directly put toward our projects, which include expanding our listening outlets, increasing our audiences, as well as mobile projects.

2016/2017 marks the launch of Radio Luv RX, which will be
an ongoing tour endeavor, in which we will ultimately strive to put on large shows, to benefit those in need.


We're breaking through new frontiers, & hope you join us on the most exciting radio network on the planet.


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