Radio Luv Promotion Doesn't Stop at the Radio Dial


When you join Radio Luv, this gets you in our airwaves. However, we promote you, rather than simply airing your song.

Unlike other radio stations & networks, the very first thing we do is put your song on the air, & begin planning the creation of your custom promo, which is designed around your music.

Your promo is created using only the best, state-of-the-art recording equipment, and will be the highest quality, as well as compliant for play in any radio outlet, worldwide, and you will receive a complimentary copy of your MP3 when you sign up with Radio Luv for one month.

Once your promo is complete, we air it on the network, along with your song, and promote the overall network, to grow the level of the audience we can reach.

We understand budgets. You can make a relatively small contribution, and receive promotion, or you can choose the ultimate promotional package, to take your music further. It's up to you.
The sky's the limit.

Sign up with Radio Luv through 2017, and be entered to win your chance to come with us on the Radio Luv RX tour, which will help afflicted citizens & charitable organizations.

Qualified participants will be considered by listener's-choice in Spring 2017, and must be signed up through January 2017 to qualify.



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