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About Daniel Evans

Daniel Evans is a Christian Rapper who has been writing songs ,since He was 10 years old. His first album is called Nothing Going To Stop me which is talking about Nothing is Going To stop Him from praising God. 
Nothing Going To Stop Me is available to purchase of and Google Play. His sophomore album Is called Ministry On The Mic, which is talking about Christian Rap being His Ministry ,and Ministry on The Mic is available to purchase on Google Play , itunes/ and amazon. Daniel has been aired on numerous stations, including am/ fm and internet stations. He is currently working on His Junior Project Tight Christ Lyrics, which the single is on itunes , Amazon/ most major digital platforms.
Daniel Raps at His church quite a bit, and raps at other churches in His area, and is looking to rap at more local churches, and do a few national gigs too.
In addition to his musical career, Daniel Evans is also the host of "Hope for the World", a weekly radio program which airs Sundays at 5:PM Central on 

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