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Changing Lives



For several years, Radio Luv has been planning a collaboration with the Flintstock Organization in an endeavor intended to benefit the citizens of Flint, Michigan, who have been afflicted with lead in their water. 


What started as a movement to improve things for Flint, has become a worldwide movement to ensure that citizens the world over have access to clean, sustainable water, not just for Flint, MI, but for other regions afflicted with poor water.

Together, Flintstock and Radio Luv hope to accomplish this by teaming up to provide ongoing shows and concerts. 


Sometimes, artists step forward to make a difference, and share their beautiful music and the only thing they ask in return, is that their proceeds go towards worthy causes. 

This page is dedicated to those artists who strive to make a difference, beginning with Daniel Evans, & Todd Cinderich.

Daniel Evans is host of 'Hope for the World', an outstanding Christian musician who has provided his song, "High Hopes" directly for this cause. 


Todd Cinderich is a band member in "Strive to Find the Light in the Darkness". Together with his bandmate, Mark Managuzo, they aspire to create music to inspire the masses, with the message that you should believe in yourself, even if no one else appears to.


We want to thank Daniel Evans & Todd Cinderich for providing their songs as a direct means to relief for these afflicted citizens. 


100% of the proceeds go towards Flintstock, and the citizens of Flint, MI, and Standing Rock, ND, and will soon expand to other societies who are afflicted with contaminated water, as well. 


Our goal is to provide a series of concerts, who's proceeds to towards directly providing financial relief to these afflicted citizens. 


Please show your support by donating any amount to this worthy cause... and enjoy this beautiful song as our special thanks. (Donations over $20 will receive a special bonus gift.) Once your donation is made, you will receive an email containing an MP3 of your song.


We want to thank you. The seeds you're helping to sew, will reap benefits untold. 


Thank you!


(If you are an artist or vendor who would like to participate in this fund, please contact us for more information. Thank you!)





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