We believe everyone should have a chance to get the exposure they deserve... and to get their words or song onto the airwaves.




Each entry is automatically entered to win a slot on the Radio Luv RX tour, as well as backstage passes to some of the biggest concerts in 2017 and beyond.


We also turn these numbers around to support the tour. And grow the amount of places in which we  broadcast...

which in turn, GROWS YOUR AUDIENCE too, and increases the number of people who will be able to hear you!


For the weekly amount you choose, that will cover you for one week of air time / airplay for your contribution, as well as your logo or graphic on the Radio Luv website.


(The baseline starts at $5 per minute of air time (and we'll even produce your commercial or promo if you don't have one.) So for instance, a 1 minute spot will be $5, but 3 minutes (length of song, for instance) would be $15. 


If all you can afford is $5 for your song, we will happily produce a 30 second music-promo to run for your song, which will include information (of your choice) on where people can hear/purchase your song.
(We have an option to purchase the MP3 of the commercial or promo we've produced for you. Inquire if interested.)

For full-length programs, we will also help you produce your radio show if you need help.


You will also be mentioned on the air on 3 radio stations in Los Angeles as our exclusive Radio Luv VIP sponsor! (You CAN'T put a pricetag on the value of this exposure!)


This is exclusive to the Radio Luv Worldwide stream online at


We really hope you'll partake in this exciting, and valuable offer!
Now is your chance to get on board, and become a VIP part of the Radio Luv family!


Choose your option & get on the air with us today!

We Welcome You On Board!





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